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Animal-powered enginesMajor, J KennethBatsford1978Book
Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire1985Book
Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire2008Book
Ansbach gestern + heute 21Bürger, Werner1980Book
Buckwheat handmills in BrittanyGaucheron, AndreTIMS1990Book
Der hölzerne Tretkran am Alten Hafen in StadeSchlichtmann, Hans-OttoFriedrich Schaumburg1977Book
Early corn milling in Norfolk - pp 111-116Wake, ThomasNorfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society1943Offprint/Journal Supplement
Early corn milling in Norfolk - pp111-116Wake, ThomasNorfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society1943Digital
El manuscrito atribuido a Juanelo Turriano de la Biblioteca Nacional de MadridGarcia-Diego, Jose AI Congreso de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia de las Ciencias 1980Offprint/Journal Supplement
Grinding in the horse-driven millSabjan, TriborSzabadteri Neprajzi MuzeumBrochure, leaflet or poster
History of corn milling, vol.1: handstones, slave and cattle millsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1898Book
History of corn milling, vol.1: handstones, slave and cattle millsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1899Book
History of corn milling, vol.1: handstones, slave and cattle mills - or laterBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnBurt Franklin, New York1960Facsimile reprint
HondenmolensDelcour, JanLevende Molens1999Book
Horse engine in the 19th century - vol 60 pp31-48Major, J KennethNewcomen Society1989Article
Horse mill, oatmeal mill: Eddow Croft, Sutton ColdfieldWilliams, K JSutton Coldfield Local History Research Group1982Brochure, leaflet or poster
Introduction of animal-powered cereal millsBoie, WulfVieweg & Sohn1989Book
Moteurs à muscles cette énergie retroBleu, Simonel'Association "Le Clairmirouère du temps"1980Book
OliemolensKempers, A J BernetHet Nederlands Openluchtmuseum1962Book
Rosmolens in de Westvlaamse kuststreek: Bokrijkse berichten XIIIDevliegher, LucBiekorf1976Book
Rosmolens in Limburg vanaf 1844Holemans, Herman; Smet, WernerUitgeverij Ten BosBook
Water raising by animal powerBrunner, Hugo; Major, J KennethThe author1972Book
When horses walked on water: horse-powered ferries in nineteenth century AmericaCohn, Arthur B; Crisman, Kevin JSmithsonian Institution1998Book
Windmills, watermills and horse-mills of DorsetDewar, H S LDorset Natural History and Archaeological Society1960Article