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Transactions of the First symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1966Symposium Transactions
Documentation for delegates to TIMS Symposium, Denmark 1969 - and laterJespersen, AndersTIMS1967Manuscript/Typescript
Water-powered corn mills of England, Wales and the Isle of Man: a preliminary account of their developmentJones, David HTIMS1969Article
Mills In unsurveyed areas - Transactions 473-479Wailes, RexTIMS1969Article
Water power in traditional sugar and olive oil production in the land of Israel - Transactions volume 3 pp 175-1Avitsur, ShmuelTIMS1973Article
Drying KilnsJones, David H; Major, J KennethTIMS1973Article
Moulin pendantJones, David HTIMS1973Offprint/Journal Supplement
The International Molinological number index: DanmarkTIMS1974Book
Tjasker windmillBlom, Louis HTIMS1975Book
Windmills and watermills in IcelandBeenhakker, A JTIMS1976Book
The International Molinological number index: Great BritainTIMS1977Book
Windmills of John Wallis TittMajor, J KennethTIMS1977Book
Mills of SurinamMarrenga-Stapf, A JTIMS1977Manuscript/Typescript
Transactions of the Second Symposium of the International Molinological SocietyTIMS1977Symposium Transactions
Transactions of the Third symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1977Symposium Transactions
The International Molinological number index: DanmarkTIMS1978Book
Hungarian millTakats, STIMS1978Book
Transactions of the Fourth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1978Symposium Transactions
The International Molinological number index: Great BritainTIMS1979Book
Water-power on the farmKindig, SteveTIMS1979Book
Molinological conference, Bromsgrove April 1979: wind and water mills, millwrighting and millingTIMS1979Book
In the Public InterestShorland-Ball, RobTIMS1979Article
Robert Stone, miller of PangbourneMajor, J KennethTIMS1980Book
Stability in windmills and the sunk postmillJarvis, Paul STIMS1982Book
Transactions of the Fifth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1983Symposium Transactions
Windmills of the Aegean SeaLimona-Trebela, ETIMS1983Book
Eolienne BolleeGaucheron, Andre; Major, J KennethTIMS1985Book
Transactions of the Sixth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1986Symposium Transactions
Seventh symposium of The International Molinological Society: Papers to be presented from August 13th- 19th, 1989TIMS1989Symposium Transactions
Transactions of the Seventh symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1990Symposium Transactions
Buckwheat handmills in BrittanyGaucheron, AndreTIMS1990Book
A Long Way from the Windmill to the Wind Power Station - pp 151-161Claussen, DieterTIMS1990Article
Persian windmillsHarverson, MichaelTIMS1991Book
French millstonesWard, OwenTIMS1993Book
The International Molinological Society Eighth Symposium Conference papersTIMS1993Symposium Transactions
Sugar mills in Southern Spain with special reference to San Isidro Mill in El Trapiche (Vélez-Malága) - Transactions volume 8 pp 81-88Lavandera, Efrén Fernández TIMS1993Article
Some Caribbean sugar mills - Transactions vol 8 pp 167-178Roberts, NiallTIMS1993Article
Horizontal watermill: history and technology of the first prime moverMoog, BertholdTIMS1994Book
Molinologie: Tijdschrift voor molenstudieTIMS1994Journal
International Molinology 1994-2002TIMS1994Journal
Wateroliemolens in het Twents-Duitse grensgebied: Een rapportage naar aanleiding van de zesde voorjaarsexcursie van T.I.M.S.-Nederland op 23 mei 1992Hagens, HermanTIMS1995Book
Transactions of the Eighth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1995Symposium Transactions
TIMS index papersWoons, FransTIMS1998Book
Windmills of the Greek IslandsBlom, Louis HTIMS1999Book
Hungarian windmillLambrecht, KalmanTIMS1999Book
Transactions of the Ninth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS2000Symposium Transactions
Transactions of the Tenth Symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS2001Symposium Transactions
Windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th & 15th centuries Part 1: part 1: external structures of early millsCoutant, Yves; Harverson, Michael; Ward, OwenTIMS2001Book
TIMS index: papers, reviews, obituariesWoons, FransTIMS2003Book
Mills of Belidor (Architecture hydraulique, part 1 book 2)Belidor, Bernard Forest de; Harverson, Michael; Ward, Owen; Watkins, GeorgeTIMS2003Book