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11th symposium of The International Molinological Society: conference papers: handbookTIMS2004Symposium Transactions
A Long Way from the Windmill to the Wind Power Station - pp 151-161Claussen, DieterTIMS1990Article
Between windmills and wind generators: The windmills of E Lancaster Burne - pp 185-197Major, J KennethTIMS2008Article
Boat mills in Europe from early medieval to modern timesGraf, Daniela; Harverson, Michael; van der Drift, LeoTIMS2006Book
Buckwheat handmills in BrittanyGaucheron, AndreTIMS1990Book
Documentation for delegates to TIMS Symposium, Denmark 1969 - and laterJespersen, AndersTIMS1967Manuscript/Typescript
Drainage, mills and polders: history and preservationvan der Drift, LeoTIMS2008Book
Drying KilnsJones, David H; Major, J KennethTIMS1973Article
Eolienne BolleeGaucheron, Andre; Major, J KennethTIMS1985Book
French millstonesWard, OwenTIMS1993Book
Ganzel & Wulff: the quest for American milling secretsBost, Gerald; Ganzel, Carl Friedrich; Ogden, Derek; Wulff, FriedrichTIMS2010Book
Greek Mills, From the Middle Byzantine Period to the 20th Century Vol 1Hackney, Graham; Speis, GeorgeTIMS2019Book
Greek Mills, From the Middle Byzantine Period to the 20th Century Vol 2Hackney, Graham; Speis, GeorgeTIMS2019Book
Guide to the United States patents for windmills and wind engines, 1793-1950Baker, T LindsayTIMS2004Book
Horizontal watermill: history and technology of the first prime moverMoog, BertholdTIMS1994Book
Hungarian millTakats, STIMS1978Book
Hungarian windmillLambrecht, KalmanTIMS1999Book
In the Public InterestShorland-Ball, RobTIMS1979Article
International Molinology 1994-2002TIMS1994Journal
International Molinology 2003-2009TIMS2003Journal
International Molinology 2010-2016TIMS2010Journal
International Molinology 2017-to dateTIMS2017Journal
Medieval sugar mills on Cyprus - Transactions volume 14 pp 75-8van Bergen, WillemTIMS2015Article
Mills In unsurveyed areas - Transactions 473-479Wailes, RexTIMS1969Article
Mills of Belidor (Architecture hydraulique, part 1 book 2)Belidor, Bernard Forest de; Harverson, Michael; Ward, Owen; Watkins, GeorgeTIMS2003Book
Mills of SurinamMarrenga-Stapf, A JTIMS1977Manuscript/Typescript
Molinological conference, Bromsgrove April 1979: wind and water mills, millwrighting and millingTIMS1979Book
Molinologie: Tijdschrift voor molenstudieTIMS1994Journal
Moulin pendantJones, David HTIMS1973Offprint/Journal Supplement
Persian windmillsHarverson, MichaelTIMS1991Book
Pine Creek grist mill: its history, technology and restorationMetz, DavidTIMS2015Book
Post-Symposium tour guide: mill wonders in FlandersBrouwers, Frans; De Punt, Johan; Denewet, LievenTIMS2007Book
Programme and excursions guideWijnmalen, DiederikTIMS2007Book
Robert Stone, miller of PangbourneMajor, J KennethTIMS1980Book
Seventh symposium of The International Molinological Society: Papers to be presented from August 13th- 19th, 1989TIMS1989Symposium Transactions
Some Caribbean sugar mills - Transactions vol 8 pp 167-178Roberts, NiallTIMS1993Article
Stability in windmills and the sunk postmillJarvis, Paul STIMS1982Book
Sugar mills and salt pans in Java - Transactions volume 12 pp 485-Boucher, JohnTIMS2007Article
Sugar mills in Southern Spain with special reference to San Isidro Mill in El Trapiche (Vélez-Malága) - Transactions volume 8 pp 81-88Lavandera, Efrén Fernández TIMS1993Article
Sugarcane milling throughout the centuries - Transactions volume 12 pp 103van Bergen, WillemTIMS2007Article
The International Molinological number index: DanmarkTIMS1978Book
The International Molinological number index: DanmarkTIMS1974Book
The International Molinological number index: Great BritainTIMS1977Book
The International Molinological number index: Great BritainTIMS1979Book
The International Molinological Society Eighth Symposium Conference papersTIMS1993Symposium Transactions
TIMS index papersWoons, FransTIMS1998Book
TIMS index: papers, reviews, obituariesWoons, FransTIMS2003Book
Tjasker windmillBlom, Louis HTIMS1975Book
Transactions of the Eighth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS1995Symposium Transactions
Transactions of the Eleventh Symposium of the International Molinological SocietyTIMS2004Symposium Transactions