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Big wheel (Lady Isabella): history and description of this famous landmarkJespersen, AndersThe author1955Book
Danish Mill SurveysJespersen, AndersDanish Molinology LaboratoryUnbound documents
Documentation for delegates to TIMS Symposium, Denmark 1969Jespersen, AndersTIMS1969Manuscript/Typescript
Lady Isabella waterwheel of the Great Laxey Mining Company, Isle of Man 1854-1954: a chapter in the history of early British engineeringJespersen, AndersAnders Jespersen1954Book
Laxey WheelJespersen, AndersAnders Jespersen1949Copied document
Mill sails supplied by Slagelse Sækkelager from 1919 to 1946Jespersen, Anders1993Book
Mills and their preservationJespersen, Anders1963Book
Nationalmuseets Molleudvalg - Danish Mill Preservation Board: problems of preservationJespersen, AndersNationalmuseet1966Book
Nationalmuseets Molleudvalg: first annual report 1953-1960Jespersen, AndersAnders Jespersen1960Book
Preliminary analysis of the development of the gearing in watermills in Western EuropeJespersen, AndersVirum1953Book
Report on the fifth international symposium on molinology, France, 1982Jespersen, AndersMoldek ApS1982Book
Report on the Third International Conference on Industrial MonumentsJespersen, AndersThe author1978Book
Report on water- and windmills, vol.15: Lindved Gaard Og MoleJespersen, AndersThe author1966Book
Report on Watermills: Volume 3 Scale drawingsJespersen, AndersAnders Jespersen1957Book
Slusegaardens Molle og OrrehusJespersen, AndersDanske Mollers Venner1964Book
Standard proposals for mill survey workJespersen, AndersNationalmuseet1965Book
Svanninge Stampemolle: reconstructing the fulling mill at Kobstadsmuseet, Den Gamle By, AarhusJespersen, AndersKongens Lyngby1966Book
TICCIH textile conference 1980Jespersen, Anders1980Book
Windmills on Bornholm, DenmarkJespersen, AndersThe author1959Book