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TitleLocationCountyCountryPower sourceTypeFunctionRiver
Clayrack Mill, LudhamLudhamNorfolkEnglandWindHollow-post millDrainage millAnt
Boardman's Mill, LudhamLudhamNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
North Mill, Ludham BridgeLudham BridgeNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt
Drainage mill, Ludham BridgeLudham Bridge, LudhamNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
Beaumont's Mill, Ludham BridgeLudham Bridge, LudhamNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt
Drainage mill, Wayford BridgeWayford BridgeNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
Brown's Hill Mill, IrsteadIrsteadNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt