Windmills a new history


This fascinating new history of the windmill takes a comprehensive look at the origins and subsequent innovations of this unique subject, from hand-quern grinding of corn, the inception of the post mill in the twelfth century, the arrival of the smock and tower mills in the sixteen century, the multi-bladed farm mill of the nineteenth century, to the huge power-generating turbines of today.

At each stage in history the builders were using the latest techniques that kept the windmill at the forefront of technology, working to the limits of their skills and the properties of materials available.

The basic mechanics and ensuring changes are fully and clearly explained in this readable book, whilst advances related to the social, political and scientific changes of the time are clearly detailed in this succinct history of the oldest industrial process in the world!

192pp. Good selection of drawings and illustrations as well as colour photographs.

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  • Author(s): Moore, Colin
  • Publisher: The History Press
  • Publication year: 2010
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