Minnesota history: St.Anthony Falls – Making Minneapolis the Mill City


The quarterly of the Minnesota Historical Society 58/5 & 6 Spring/Summer 2003

Soft cover journal, 334pp., with many b/w photographs and colour advertisements.


Spiritual Power to industrial might: 12,000 years at St.Anthony Falls by John O. Anfinson

Flour power: the significance of flour milling at the falls by David B. Danbom

At home in the heart of the city by Annette Atkins

“To the markets of the world”: advertising in the Mill City, 1880-1930 by Kate Roberts and Barbara Caron

Unearthing the invisible: archaeology at the riverfront


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  • Author(s): Anfinson, John O.; Danbom, David B.; Atkins, Annette and others
  • Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
  • Publication year: 2003