Ganzel & Wulff: the quest for American milling secrets


Card cover, 252pp., profusely illustrated with b/w photographs, tables, diagrams, maps and drawings.

An 1832 publication describing the journey of engineers Carl Friedrich Ganzel and Friedrich Wulff around the United States, where they documented the mills they visited and how they were used to produce export quality flour.

The volume includes translations of original 19th century Prussian documents alongside modern commentary. Contains travel details by both Wulff and Ganzel, descriptions and uses of the machinery in American flour mills and information of different types of grain. Includes descriptions of specific 19th century mills such as The Flour Mill in Mewe, West Prussia and The Rother Mill in Bromberg.

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  • Author(s): Ogden, Derek; Bost, Gerald; Ganzel, Carl Friedrich; Wulff, Friedrich
  • Publisher: TIMS
  • Publication year: 2010