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Volunteers power the Mills Archive

Today marks the start of Volunteers’ Week. A national annual event running 1st-7th June, the purpose of the Week is to highlight the incredible work that volunteers do. Our own volunteers are no less deserving of this recognition, we are very proud of them and the contributions that they continue to make to the success of the Mills Archive.

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The Archive was founded by volunteers, and volunteers make up the majority of our team. The work they do is challenging, varied and vital to preserve milling records and make them freely available to the public. We benefit from a supportive and lively environment that has been shaped by our volunteers over time, who offer a wealth of skills and expertise. While backgrounds and ages vary significantly, each person shares in common a passion to work to the highest standards in order to save the world’s milling heritage, and we are very grateful for their dedication.

This week, we will showcase the contributions that some of our current volunteers are making. We hope that you will join us in thanking them and in recognising their important role, not only during this Volunteers’ Week but every day of the year.