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James Venn Collection

Restoring Brill Windmill

In 1948 Stanley Freese replaced the sails on Brill Windmill. Photographs from the collection show the process, described more fully in Freese’s Windmills and Millwrighting.

The mill still in good repair, 3 September 1934

The state of the mill by January 1948

Removing sail, March 1948

Final sail removed, 7 May 1948

The mill with no sails, July 1948

George Green and Jack Blake making sails, 20 July 1948

Stock and sails ready to be taken to the mill

Transporting stock to the mill, 29 September 1948

Levering the stock into place, 30 September 1948

The second stock on the ground, 30 September 1948

Levering the second stock into place, 2 October 1948

Attaching the first sail, 3 October 1948

Rotating sails after attaching the first three, 4 October 1948

Lifting the fourth sail, 4 October 1948

The four sails complete, 22 October 1948

Preparing to build the roundhouse, August 1950

Arthur White preparing to build the new roundhouse on the foundations of the previous one, August 1950

Arthur White building the roundhouse, August 1950

The mill complete with sails and roundhouse, March 1951