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KMS in action

Author: Geoff Holman

On 30 May 2010, a working party from the Kent Mills Society, with permission from the owner, went to the site of the Stodmarsh windpump and managed to extract some remains from the dyke.

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They did a measured survey of what is left – most of the main structure, parts of the cap, one sweep, and the remaining ironwork which was the windshaft, its bearings, the metal support brackets for the sweeps, and the bevel gears at the top and bottom of the drive through the upright shaft.

 One thought is that it raised water via an archimedian screw, but no evidence of this was found. It was turned to wind by a simple vane at the rear of the cap. There is no evidence as to whether it had a braking mechanism.

 My thoughts on its use are that, unless water levels have changed significantly over the years, it was not a drainage mill, but possible it raised water for livestock or even to supply water for a watercress bed, for which the area was once noted.

A scale drawing is being made.