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News of Mills January 2009

Holgate Windmil, Brill Windmill Fulwell Windmill and Rye Windmill all feature with items on the US wind farm industry and the Severn Barrage

Poster Image End_in_sight_for_Holgate_Windmill_restoration_project/ Holgate Windmill Update Anglers have attacked plans to build hundreds of “environmentally-friendly” water mills in British rivers & Buy a windmill clock! (3 days to bid) Next stage of Brill Windmill restoration to get underway A remembrance wreath-laying ceremony has been held to mark the death of William Wren at Fulwell Windmill Grade II landmark Rye Windmill is back on the market & (if you have £950, 000!) dEBATE4 On windmill farms in the US Layoffs are starting in the wind farm industry (US) (Denmark) But are these modern ideas anyway… and on renewables Friday R4 11am Time and Tide: The Severn Barrage Project, Miriam O’Reilly explores the viability of the Severn barrage project, potentially the biggest, most expensive and most controversial source of sustainable energy in the UK. (Interestingly, this also explores the carbon footprint that building the resourc34e would entail) watermills in India turn to turbines Watermill is proud to announce its partnership with Aardman Animations That’s all folks Best Wishes William